Children’s event: Gareth P. Jones

The first of our confirmed authors is children’s novelist Gareth P. Jones – and local to boot, living as he does on the fancy new Overground in Forest Hill. He’s probably best known for The Thornthwaite Inheritance, but we’ve spent the last few days reading Space Crime Conspiracy (even though we’re technically grown up) and loving it.

Stanley Bound is a normal south London 13 year old who thinks his biggest problems are being lied about at school and having to live above a pub with his horrible older brother. But then Stanley is arrested for the murder of Armorian President Vorlugenar on a planet several hours’ travel through cutspace from Earth. Stanley knows he didn’t do it, but he’s seen the video footage and it’s clearly him. He’s not sure how to clear his name, and all these encounters with bird-headed space-pirates, a talking mushroom and an enormous-headed scientist aren’t helping him concentrate…

If you hope your kids will one day read The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Space Crime Conspiracy is a great book to start them off with. It’s definitely channeling Douglas Adams and that’s always a good thing, right?

Gareth’s also been busy writing new books – The Considine Curse comes out in August and the first two in a new series about Ninja Meerkats (The Clan of the Scorpion and The Eye of the Monkey) are published next month. He promises stories, songs and general nonsense for Lewisham – keep an eye on the Events page to find out when he’s appearing.

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