Children’s event: Alex Milway

Alex is an author and illustrator of children’s books, but even as (technically) grown-ups we powered through and loved the first of his Mousehunter trilogy. Imagine a world where mice are highly collectible and have been bred for all different characteristics, and one young girl with exceptional mousekeeping skills stows away on a ship in search of the pirate Mousebeard. Encountering sea monsters and giants, is the quest for Mousebeard all it seems to be, or are there more powerful dark forces at work?

The story is a top adventure but we also loved the drawings of different types of mouse that start each chapter, like the Howling Moon Mouse or the Dung Mouse, with Top Trumps-style facts.

Now Alex has moved on to a different kind of creature: yetis. Elite secret agent yetis to be precise – the Mythical 9th Division. Part book, part comic, it’s all excellent. He put together a guide to drawing the hairy heroes for the Guardian last month and here’s a video of him reading the first chapter of new book The Magma Conspiracy:

Alex will be sharing drawing tips and secret yeti knowledge on Saturday 10th September at 10am. See the events page for more information.

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