Event: About London

Londonist.com Editor Matt Brown hosts a night of proper Londony-ness, with the authors of three of his favourite recent books about the capital.

Iphgenia Baal: The Hardy Tree

This is a curious book, combining prose, newspaper articles, hand-written letters, tombstones and more to tell the story of what happened when Thomas Hardy (yes, that Thomas Hardy) was in charge of moving the bodies out of St Pancras churchyard to make way for the Midland Railway line. Matt says:

It’s brilliant, frankly. Part fiction, part fact, the tone and treatment reminds us of Snakes and Ladders by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, but with a much more accessible narrative.

Mark Mason: Walk the Lines

Mark Mason undertook the arduous journey of walking the entire tube network – above ground, of course. He clocked up 403 miles covering the 11 lines and 269 stations, and his account of the journey and the people he met is described by Matt as:

a mixture of witty banter, overheard conversations, historical insight and offbeat observations. You can’t help but fall in love with his mad and marvellous mission.

Paul Talling: London’s Lost Rivers

You might be familiar Paul Talling’s online labour of love, Derelict London, but his latest publication is no less engrossing. It documents the city’s ‘lost’ rivers, driven underground, turned into sewers or dried up, with maps, photos and tips for spotting the tell-tales signs of their existence. Matt’s verdict:

Talling’s highly visual, fact-packed, waffle-free account is the freshest take we’ve yet seen. A must-buy for anyone who enjoys the ‘hidden’ side of London.

Catch this lot at Lewisham Library on Thursday 15th September, at 8pm. The events page has more details.


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