After the looting

Here at the Festival, just like elsewhere, we’re furious and upset about the recent destruction and looting, particularly about the damage done locally. It looks like SE13 and SE6 are safe tonight – and we want to give a big, grateful thanks to all the people who helped clear up this morning.

BBC London ran a piece from Lewisham and Catford on tonight’s bulletin (you can see it from 17 minutes in; this being iPlayer if you’re trying to watch it after 7pm on Wednesday 10th it’ll have vanished), focusing on local resident Claire Parkinson’s attempt to gather a clean-up and morale-boosting squad for Lewisham centre – but the absolute stars at Lewisham Environment had pretty much cleared the debris by 9am. That’s some sterling work.

There are also calls for locals to show their support for market traders – who were forced to shut up early for several days – on Saturday. We’d like to add that all businesses in the area need our trade right now and in the future, especially the ones that were damaged. It’s time to stand up and support your local community!


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