Festival guest: Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch is the author of a new series of detective novels with a difference – as well as being officers of the Met, his coppers are also wizards. Technically DC Peter Grant is an apprentice wizard, spotted as having the ‘gift’ by his senior, the rather mysterious Inspector Nightingale, and removed from the beat to live in a magically protected house in Bloomsbury and spend his time talking to ghosts, river spirits and trying to stop some truly gruesome murders.

Rivers of London and Moon Over Soho (to be joined by Whispers Under Ground next Spring) are fast moving and packed with recognisable detail about London and fabulously dry humour. We’re not the only ones to think they’re great – Rivers of London hit the Sunday Times bestseller lists.

Ben was born in 1964 and has written for TV (Doctor Who – the Sylvester McCoy years – and Casualty) and audio drama (Blake’s 7). It was while working in Waterstone’s that he decided to bite the bullet and write his own novel, and we’re glad he did. He’ll be at the Festival chatting about his work and answering questions alongside Suzanne McLeod.

Ben and Suzanne will be appearing on Saturday 10th September at 3pm. See the events page for more details.

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