Event: Ambit, Smoke and Mustard magazines

It’s not all books, books, books. We’ve put together a panel of representatives from three excellent independent magazines, who’ll be chatting about what made them dive headfirst into publishing, the highs and the absolute hells, some of the best (and worst) contributions and a few cracking anecdotes.

Alex Musson is the brain behind Mustard, an independent comedy mag filled with new comedy material and interviews with some huge names, including Graham Linehan (Father Ted, The IT Crowd), Michael Palin, Stewart Lee and Richard Herring. People who love comedy rave about Mustard – even comedians write for it.

Smoke is one of those magazines that, when you mention it in certain circles, people’s eyes tend to light up. Finding a new copy was always a highlight (You Don’t Bring Me Flowers used to stock it) but last year it went on hiatus; there was a palpable flurry of online excitement last week when editor Matt Haynes announced it was still breathing. A must-see event for anyone who wants to know ‘what’s next’ for Smoke.

Ambit started life over forty years ago and is still going strong, publishing original short stories, poetry and artwork. While it generally consists of new, unpublished writers, well-known names to have contributed include Carol Ann Duffy, JG Ballard and David Hockney. They also run regular free literary events. We’ll be joined either by Ambit’s founder Dr Martin Bax or one of Ambit’s current editors.

One Eye Grey – the 21st century penny dreadful – is on the posters for this event, but sadly they’ve had to withdraw for various reasons.

This event is happening on Saturday 10th September at 5pm; see the events page for more detail and online booking.


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6 responses to “Event: Ambit, Smoke and Mustard magazines

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  3. Would have come along to this as I have expansion plans to develop Art Critiqued into a magazine in the future, but unfortunately I’m busy that day.

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  5. Martha Gall

    I hear that the publisher of Snipe is going to speak as well..

  6. Lewisham Lit Fest

    That’s true! Darren Atwater was a later addition to the line-up.

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