Festival guest: Lee Rourke

A bit like his fellow event guest Joe Dunthorne, Lee Rourke is a man not content to stick to one form of writing. He’s best known for his debut novel The Canal – we’re diving into it this weekend (book, not water. Genuinely didn’t see the pun until we read this back) – which won the Guardian’s “Not The Booker Prize” in 2010 and has been one of the year’s word-of-mouth hits.

However, his first published book was a collection of short stories (Everyday) and next month sees the release of the non-fiction A Brief History of Fables. He’s written articles for the New Statesman, Guardian and Independent and is Contributing Editor at 3:AM Magazine.

The Canal and Everyday focus on one of Lee’s pet fascinations – boredom – so for the time being we’ll leave you with him chatting about that.

(Or if that doesn’t float your boat, how about him talking about pigeons? Warning: contains a swear.)

Lee Rourke and Joe Dunthorne appear at St Swithun’s on Sunday 11th September. See the events page for more information.

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