Festival guest: Samuel Bonner

Samuel Bonner joins fellow writers Oliver Harris, Sheila Bugler – and! Just confirmed! Claire Seeber! – to chat about crime writing. Sam’s first novel, Playground, sees Jonah visit his native London after his mother moved them away in the hope of a better life. A wise move it would seem as Jonah soon discovers that his childhood friends have traded up from the typical antics of bored teens to more violent and horrifying pastimes.

Talking with Helen J Beal, Sam revealed that his North London upbringing had some influence on his writing:

“I knew I could use London as a backdrop to tell a scary story, something dark and disturbing. I like horror novels and horror films, and that was what I was really aiming to do, use London and the epidemic of teenagers killing each other, and show the evil in it.”

With his degree in film studies and creative writing from London Metropolitan University, come and ask Sam about the optioning of the film rights for Playground, what he’s currently writing, or anything else you fancy asking during the Q&A!

Sam, Oliver Harris and Claire Seeber join Sheila Bugler to talk about crime fiction at 4pm on Sunday 11th September. There’s more information on the events page.

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