Fringe event: DIY DJ

Just the idea of the LitFest having a fringe fills us with glee. Locals might remember Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet from Hither Green Week (which is back, by the way, on 24th September), and the people behind that sell-out are starting a regular night at the Ravensbourne Arms. Called DIY DJ, there’ll be a theme each month and you can bring along your own vinyl (and CDs and MP3s) and take a turn on the decks.

To tie in nicely with the LitFest, the first theme will be literary records.

We’ve racked our brains for a few literary song suggestions, and asked around on Twitter:

Wuthering Heights – obviously, but how about the China Drum version for a twist?

Cemetery Gates by The Smiths. Keats and Yeats are on your side, while Wilde is on mine

War of the Worlds – Eve of the War by Jeff Wayne

@Finbarr40: Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden

@PPeterAK: Rave on John Donne – Van Morrison, Everyday I write the book – Elvis Costello, Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

@ScottSlocombe: Storytelling by Belle & Sebastian

@AliB68: Wrapped Up In Books – Belle & Sebastian, Ulysses – Franz Ferdinand, In Search of Peter Pan – Kate Bush

@RavensbourneArm: White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

@bitoclass: The Booklovers – same title for two different songs, by the Divine Comedy and Broadcast

@richsimcox: The Blue Aeroplanes’ version of Plath’s The Applicant

@MsLupin: Babushka by Kate Bush, If I Could Read Your Mind by Gordon Lightfoot, Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

DIY DJ @ the Ravensbourne Arms pub, Thursday 15th September, 8.30pm til closing. Free entry. See all events happening at the Festival, and how to get here.

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