Questions, questions

If you come to the Firestation Book Swap on Friday you’ll encounter something known as The Question Jar. This is a jar – or sometimes a tupperware box, or on one memorable occasion an Iranian vase – filled with random, anonymous questions written down by you, the lovely audience. The Book Swap hosts will occasionally delve into the jar and pluck out questions to fire at their guests.

It’s such a good idea that we’re rolling it out to all the panel events. So, as well as hearing the authors read from their books and chat about them with each other and the host, and being able to ask questions at the end, you’ll be handed a pen and a piece of paper and asked to scribble down a question about anything at all, so long as it’s not about books or writing (keep those for the Q&A at the end).

Questions that have come up in the past include:

  • Beer or wine?
  • Where are you going on holiday?
  • What’s your favourite smell and why?
  • What do you have for breakfast?
  • Marmots or ocelots?

You get the idea…


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