Swapping tips

If you’re coming along to the Firestation Book Swap tomorrow, don’t forget to bring a book. (It’s like when Roy Walker used to host Catchphrase – say what you see.) Unlike some other Book Swaps, however, you won’t be milling around trying to find out what other people have brought. There’ll be assisted swapping.

One of our lovely hosts will come into the audience and see if anyone wants to swap. You’ll need to describe your book or – if you’re feeling a bit shy – Scott or Robbie will describe it for you. It’s even funnier if they haven’t read it. Then other people can bid for your book by describing what they’ve brought, and you get to choose. It sounds like chaos. It’s really not.

Scott will probably go through these handy tips for successful swapping tomorrow, but we thought we’d tell you about them anyway:

  • If you don’t like the book you’ve brought – lie. Nobody will know you secretly hate it. And they’ll be more likely to want it if you say it’s good
  • Play the long game. Even if none of the books offered for yours take your fancy, if you swap now you can always bid for someone else’s book later on
  • Don’t be too picky. You came with a book you didn’t want, you’re not losing anything if you go home with something you’re not wild about (you can always give it as a present to that ‘difficult’ relative)
  • You can make counter-bids for books that are being offered for something else. Love a bit of three-way swapping

Also don’t forget that if you bake a cake, you get in for free…


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