Tall Tales

After another hiatus (here’s a tip for would-be literary festival organisers: don’t immediately start working 60 hour weeks when your festival ends) we’re back to filling you in on what happened during any events you couldn’t get to. This is an easy one – it’s mainly photos. It’s hard to livetweet a night of comedy stories without giving away the gags, which would be even more of a shame since many of the performers at Tall Tales are taking their TT work to Radio 4.

If you liked Tall Tales, it takes place regularly on the final Thursday of every second month at the Good Ship in Kilburn.

Tall Tales host Robert Hudson

Hannah Jones, of the Why Miss Jones blog

Bolton poet Mike Westcott with his perhaps-not-entirely-true Wikipedia entry on Julian the Apostate

Toby Davies telling half a story about half a storey

Ian Leslie introduces an excerpt from Ernest Hemingway's brief time as an agony aunt

John Finnemore and Robert Hudson perform the roles taken by Daniel Rigby and Stephen Fry for Radio 4's Warhorses of Letters

By the way, you can buy all four episodes of Warhorses of Letters – cos you’ve missed it on Radio 4 now – on iTunes.

Susannah Pearse sang some hilarious songs, including one imploring Mr Rochester to ditch Jane Eyre

John Finnemore doing a sketch from his recent Radio 4 series


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