Thank you to everyone who entered our competition! Poets Aoife Mannix, Ronnie McGrath and Janett Plummer have selected the best of the entries: Belle Powell won the overall prize and the £20 giftcard from Foyles, Bria Lawrence won the Aspire Creativity prize and Ben Morris was awarded a commendation.

You can read their poems below, and also in print (along with a selection of other entries) in libraries and participating schools soon.

The Real Lewisham by Belle Powell

Age 10

You’ll never guess what I saw in Lewisham…

A clownfish telling a joke to a mermaid at the Horniman Museum Aquarium.

A family of trolls having a picnic under a bridge on the Quaggy River.

An ogre and a donkey playing tennis in Manor House Gardens.

A group of goblins getting on the DLR at Lewisham Station.

The ghost of Cameron Corbett walking past my house on Ardgowan Road.

A princess and a frog doing back flips at Ladywell Gymnastics Club in Bellingham Leisure Centre.

A band of angry fairies protesting about dog mess on the pavement.

The Catford Cat being painted pink by pretty pixies.

A Sing Out choir of unicorns performing at Lewisham People’s Day in Mountsfield Park.

Lions and tigers and bears running around the Clock Tower. Oh My!

A genie starring in a panto at the Broadway Theatre.

A tortoise and a hare reading Aesop’s Fables at the Torridon Library. I wonder who will finish first?

Hundreds of eager beavers at the start of the London Marathon.

A grumpy elf driving the 181 bus to the Lewisham Shopping Centre.

A centaur and a minotaur swimming laps in the Ladywell Swimming Baths.

Colourful firework dragons light up the sky over Blackheath on Bonfire Night.

A monkey shouting “50p banaaanaaas” at the market.

Look very closely at the ‘real’ Lewisham. What do YOU see?

Lewisham Eyes by Bria Lawrence

Age 11

Lewisham is like
A lost child, waiting to be found.
It’s like a treasure chest,
Expecting unexpected surprises, not
Knowing what’s inside, a memory
Of Lewisham is like a warm welcoming
Hug from a Mum, it’s like a third drama lesson
Because you can just be yourself, living the dream. People
Say a lot of things, but not many people know what it really
Feels like to live in Lewisham, knowing
The rules, the people, and the places because
People make it more inadequate than it actually is.
Lewisham is better than another place like
Nowhere land simply because it feels
More like a place where you can be yourself and enjoy life as it comes.
That’s my experience and opinion.

My Neighbour’s Tyre Swing by Ben Morris

Age 12

In the land of blossom, the land next door,
The land I remember, when I was four,
Or was it the age of three,
It’s hard to tell, with that garden in Lee.
When I was there, I had so much fun,
But why, because I would run and run?
Because I would jump and dance?
Because I would zoom around, in a prance?


My fun was in my neighbour’s tyre swing, hanging on a rope.
I was pushed over the fence, above the stream,
Where a rugby match could be seen,
An excited flash would run through my bones,
Then a falling feeling, and below, the rock hard stones.
Then I’d get off, and have a sip
Of cool lemonade, to cure my dry lips.
And then I’d have a go again.
I have fond memories of then.
But then I had to move away,
Maybe I’ll come back to visit, some day.

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